Travel to Jamaica

Voyage en Jamaïque

Travel to Jamaica

Travel to Jamaica

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Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean. Mountains, including the Blue Mountains, dominate the inland. They are surrounded by a narrow coastal plain. Jamaica only has two cities, the first being Kingston, the capital city and centre of business, located on the south coast and the ‘second’ city being Montego Bay, one of the best known cities in the Caribbean for tourism, located on the north coast. Other towns include Portmore, Spanish Town, Mandeville and the resort towns of Ocho Ríos, Port Antonio and Negril. Montego Bay is the capital of the parish of St. James and is also Jamaica’s only other officially incorporated city, referred to as The Second City or more widely known as MoBay in local lingo and sometimes Bay by the locals. The city is however the fourth largest urban area by population after Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore, all of which form the Greater Kingston Metropolitan Area, home to over half a million people. As a result, Montego Bay is the second-largest Anglophone city in the Caribbean, after primate city, Kingston.

Travel to Jamaica

Royal Decameron Cornwall Beach is just five minutes from Montego Bay International Airport, close to the commercial district and the ‘Hip Strip’, Royal Decameron Montego Beach offers a privileged view of this crystal-clear bay of the Jamaican North West, named by Christopher Columbus as the ‘Good Times Gulf’, since colonial days. Your stay here will be framed by a set of beaches with turquoise waters that surround the resort, together with an unbeatable weather that averages 27°C, plus reggae’s vibrant sounds that come with Antillean joy. Montego Bay is one of the favorite corners of this island that has been the winner of the ‘World Travel Awards’ for 11 times as the Main destination in the Caribbean. From there, you may experience the culture, the language, dances, ways to dress and the spirit of the Rastafari’s from Jamaica.

Travel to Jamaica

A truly unique experience. The boarding area, “Rafter Village”, is surrounded by 6 acres of beautiful meadows and offers fully equipped facilities including a swimming pool, bars, picnic area, and souvenir shops. Before starting the journey down the river on bamboo rafts, visitors can access the “Miss Marthe’s Herb Garden”, a spectacular garden with Jamaican herbs, famous for their medicinal and curative properties. The one-hour rafting ride runs through a three-mile section of the beautiful Martha Brae River. During the tour, an expert guide will explain the legend of the River; as well inform you about the flora and fauna native to the area. Luminous Lagoon: As you cruise among the mangroves, marvel at the light from the majestic waters—home to microscopic organisms that emit a phosphorescent blue light when agitated. Once you cruise to the middle of the lagoon, jump in for a swim and experience the beauty of this unusual natural wonder. In one of the few places in the world to have such a high concentration of these harmless organisms, this cruise is something not to be missed. This trip takes you through the interior of Jamaica’s rain forest. Pass through villages dotted along the coastline. The first part of your tour will be taken on an Eco Boat trip up Jamaica’s longest river, the Black River,  where you will see all types exotic birds, plants, and wildlife such as the endangered American crocodile. Your journey takes you deep into the morass where you will find the alligators gliding along the river. Your boat captain will call them by name and might even feed them by hand. After the Black River Tour, you will then be taken to one of Jamaica’s most beautiful water falls, the YS Falls, On reaching the YS Falls, you will be taken by tractor through the lush mountains and valleys passing thoroughbred race horses that are bred at the YS property. YS Falls boast a 7-tiered cascading waterfall, an expansive wading pool fed by underground springs and exciting canopy rides. You can climb the falls, swim in the river or just relax in the natural whirl pools at the foot of the falls. This is truly an amazing experience you won’t want to miss.

Travel to Jamia

Through a variety of fascinating stops including a theatre, observation tower offering panoramic views of the beautiful valley, the distillery, ageing house and tasting rooms, the tour takes you on a journey through the history of Appleton Estate and our unique “Cane to Cocktail” rum making process – as you go through the tour you will see, touch and taste how Appleton Estate Jamaica rums are made. You will leave the Joy Spence Appleton Estate Rum Experience with not only a deeper appreciation for the quality of Appleton Estate Jamaica rums, but also for the warmth and flavour of the country’s heartland. This is the spirit, from Jamaica with love, found in every smooth sip of Appleton Estate Jamaica rum. Please allow two hours to enjoy a full and relaxing experience.

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