Event Montreal Concert contre le cancer


Event Montreal Concert contre le cancer

Event Montreal Concert contre le cancer

On March 29, 2019, the Montreal Cancer Institute presented its 12th Concert against Cancer with a tribute to Pink Floyd in a symphonic rock version, in collaboration with the Classica Festival. In front of a packed audience of 2,000 spectators at the Maison Symphonique, singer Lulu Hughes took on a vocal and personal challenge while performing The Integral of Dark Side of the Moon performed by the Conservatoire de la Montérégie Symphony Orchestra (OSCM), accompanied by 60 singers, 5 band musicians and a soloist.

Lulu Huguesis a Quebecor  singer known for her powerful voice. She began her career with the Soul What band performing in music bars across the province. Her longest collaboration has been with the band Too Many Cooks, and the singer has been a chorister for Dan Bigras, Roch Voisine and Barry White. Her first self-titled album released in 2002 and the second, entitled Crazy Mama. Lulu Hughes has also played a role in two movies; Rage of the Angel and Suzie.

 In 2016, she had a surgery to fight cancer and began her treatments to cure it. Being a single mother, her mother looked after her daughter during her treatments. In the meantime, the singer unfortunately lost her mother. The support of her loved ones, the love of the public have been extraordinary and of great support. Lulu Hugues decided to share her story to help other women overcome their obstacle and fight cancer knowing that many other women were diagnosed of cancer.

A vibrant and moving show for the cause took place with the help of the main partners of the evening: Hydro-Québec, Bombardier, Collectif Santé Montreal, Pomerleau, Via Rail Canada, Dentons and Ferreira. The 2019 edition raised a net sum of $ 305,000 to support the Brain Drain Program, which was introduced by the Montreal Cancer Institute in 2007. This program will help stem brain drain, a phenomenon that threatens research advancement and the outreach of  Montreal researchers. The research will be able to continue in order to develop new treatments in oncology.

The Montreal Cancer Institute, created in 1947, is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote basic and clinical cancer research while preparing for the next generation in this field through education and training. It financially supports research conducted by the CHUM Research Center’s Cancer Research Center (CRCHUM), by awarding research grants, providing start-up funding for innovative projects, repatriating researchers and acquiring scientific research and. advanced equipment. In the meantime, the Institute contributes to the training of the next generation by providing scholarships and travel grants to graduate students who specialize in cancer research. Independent, but affiliated with the CHUM, CRCHUM and the Université de Montréal, the Institute is administered by a board of directors composed of business people with the mission of the Institute at heart. In addition, volunteers sit on various committees or organize fundraising events. It is thanks to the great dedication of these people that the Institute has enjoyed outstanding growth and visibility. Here are some pictures of the board members, members of the different campaign cabinets and volunteers.

Jérémie Beaulieu

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