Event Montreal Printemps du Mac

On April 12 at New City Gas, the 13th edition of Les Printemps du MAC was a great success with a theme: Clash Kids with the participation of 1220 young professionnels.

Les Printemps du MAC Committee is dedicated to introducing the MAC to a new generation of leaders. It has a dual mission: firstly, to raise awareness of both contemporary art among this group, and the important role the MAC plays in preserving and promoting this heritage across Quebec, Canada and at the international level. Secondly, it aims to encourage support for the continued development of the MAC.

The Fondation du MAC is dedicated to supporting the museum in its various activities, with a focus on building the collection, mounting exhibitions and maintaining educational programs. To achieve this mission, the Foundation’s mandate is to raise funds from organizations and individuals interested in promoting and preserving contemporary art from Québec, Canada and abroad. In this way, the Foundation helps raise the profile of the collection at the heart of Canada’s premier institution devoted exclusively to contemporary art.

Each year, the Foundation holds three highly anticipated benefit galas: Les Printemps du MAC, in April, the Bal du MAC, in September, and the National Bank Private Banking 1859 Collectors Symposium, in October. The Foundation also oversees the annual fundraising campaign, the Cercle du MAC memberships and the MAC Boutique.

Marie Laliberté et Vicky Kheira