Event Montreal Element

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Event Montreal Element

Event Montreal Element

ELEMENT is intended as a fundraising event aimed at young professionals and to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

 Initially, this prestigious event was inspired by the four elements of life (fire, water, air and earth) but given the success of the latter and notoriety that is established during the first four editions, the committee decided to repeat the experience but by exploiting new themes. Over the years, it is more than $ 350,000 that were given to support the mission of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada (SP) or to fund MS research efforts and offer a multitude services for people with this terrible disease. 

To boost profits and deliver an even more substantial sum to the cause, we have developed a whole new range of partnerships. We believe quecelle will give the opportunity for partners to get a unique visibility with a variety of clients; professional, urban and on the lookout for trends.You will find details in this document relating to various partnerships available. Please note that the committee is open to all other creative and interesting proposals for our guests.

Marie Laliberté 


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